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Who are we?

The Watch Collectors’ Club is a Club for Everyone who Likes watches. Our membership includes a diverse group of people with every kind of watch collection. We have people with hundreds of watches and people looking for their first purchase, we have digital collectors, microbrand collectors and single brand Swiss collectors. We have people from all walks of life, and people join our online events from all over the world. Here are a few of our members who’ve become regular meetup attendees in the past year.

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Meet Maria

Maria found us a few weeks after picking up her first pre-owned timepiece at one of London’s famous markets. She started coming regularly and is now a committed attendee, enjoying our brand events as well as our Meetups. 

              “What I like the most about The Watch Collectors’ Club is the fact that everyone is extremely welcoming no matter how much you know about watches. Here you truly feel like you are in a safe space where you can share your hobby and passion.”

Watch: The Montblanc 
Purchased as Maria’s first Swiss Watch

Meet Debs

Debs found us a couple of months after moving to London for work. He began buying watches after starting his first job. He’s come with us to build his knowledge of how the retailers work, which watches he likes and why, and how much there is to consider in the watch world. He had this to say about The Watch Collectors’ Club:

“After moving to London, the club was my first social circle and immediately I felt like a part of a family here. The standout part is the absolute lack of snobbery.”

Watch: Deb’s Limited Edition Seiko Alpinist.

 Purchased on a trip to the boutique with Club Co-Founder Hamish

Meet Steve

Steve found us early in 2023 and despite having collected for over 20 years had never met another collector in person before. He has a large and very specific collection and never ceases to bring something fascinating and very beautiful along to share with the Club.

“I was so pleased to stumble across the WCC. For the first time I can show my watches to people who are genuinely interested to see them.”

  Watch: One of Steve’s Vintage Bulovas
from the 1970’s

Hamish's Collection

My name is Hamish Robertson, and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of The Watch Collectors’ Club. My collection is simply the watches I liked when I saw them and could afford them. I have focussed on vintage Swiss watches. Extremely high-quality pieces can be had for lower prices than new watches from the same companies. I buy because I like the look and style of something, not because of the technology, the movement, or the so-called importance of a watch. I have added some new Casio G-Shock and Swatch watches in recent years. I see them as no less or more important than my vintage watches, and enjoy wearing them just as much. 

Universal Geneve Uni-Compax

Unicompax – The Universale Geneve Unicompax is a Chronograph, or stopwatch. I bought it at auction because I loved how clean simple and stylish it was. Later, I learned it contains the famous Valjoux 72 movement, which powers many other famous chronographs. Buying it led me to learn much more about the brand. I wear it widely as it suits so many occasions and outfits. I am still delighted with it.

Other watches

Mickey Swatch – I have always admired Swatch, and had one when I was young. When I saw this model, made in collaboration with the artist Damien Hirst, I just had to have it. I thought the mirror finish dial and hands were so cool. It is a bright comfortable and very well made timepiece I can wear on relaxed sunny days.

My collecting journey began 8 years ago, with an idle search of eBay. My first purchase was a simple Jaeger LeCoultre from the 1950s, as I liked the dial and the low price, despite it not being mint condition. This led me to learn more about Jaeger LeCoultre and purchase more of those, including three of their most important watches of the 20th century: 

The Reverso, the Futurematic, and the Dirty Dozen watch made for the British Armed Forces at the end of the Second World War.

A delightful Breitling Top Time and 1950s-era Chronomat I bought at auction have given me a passion for Breitling. I have found the most delight in meeting other watch lovers, seeing their timepieces, and learning more about what’s out there. Starting The Watch Collectors’ Club is all about making it as easy as possible for people to explore, learn and share their enthusiasm for watches.

Ed's Collection

I’m Ed Howkins, the co-founder of The Watch Collectors Club. My watch collection doesn’t really have a theme. I buy watches that appeal to me visually.  I have different model types, from different brands, ages and from different countries.

The two questions I ask myself when I buy a watch are: does it look interesting, and is it comfortable to wear. I love all of my watches, and get addicted to wearing them.

Omega Seamaster 1967

Omega Seamaster 1967 – My first automatic Swiss watch, which has an unusual sunburst orange dial. I bought the watch when I was 16, having worked for 2 months in my first formal job. I wanted a watch which looked classic and was from a Swiss brand that I had heard of. My budget only stretched to a vintage Seamaster, for which I paid £300. I wear it often, and whenever I do, I’m reminded of another famous wearer of the Omega Seamaster: James Bond.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Dual Time

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Dual Time – The Royal Oak is one of the two most famous designs of watch designer: Gerald Genta. The Royal Oak was controversial when it was released, as it was the first luxury sports watch made of steel, costing more than many solid gold watches of the day. It wasn’t immediately successful, but over time, people started to appreciate its genius. It has a simple, recognisable design, practical materials, incredible attention to detail, and one of the most comfortable metal bracelets available. There is lots to look at on the dial (including a very useful power indicator), and it has a touch of gold on the bezel and bracelet, which makes it fantastic as both a smart and a casual watch.

Breguet Classique Ref: 5157

Breguet Classique Ref: 5157 – This is the watch that I am going to wear for my wedding, so it holds a special place in my heart. I love the classic design. There are some fantastic design features that make this watch special: hand guilloche (engraved) dial, the coin edge of the case, and the beautiful open caseback. 

Are you passionate about watches?