The TAG Heuer Monaco Story

square TAG Heuer watch with steel case, bracelt and blue dial with silver subdials and red hands

The story of the TAG Heuer Monaco is more than just the story of a watch model. It’s multiple stories that combine to make for one extremely famous watch. It’s easily the most famous square watch in the world, it’s always been linked with motor racing, and there have been a huge number of varieties […]

The TAG Heuer Carrera Story

The Watch Collectors’ Club regularly hold events to look at specific watches from famous brands. This is to help our members explore the watch world in depth, and take advantage of the large and interesting range of watches retailers have, especially when it’s the anniversary of a particular watch. This year sees the 60th anniversary […]

A few fun stories about the Rolex Submariner

To celebrate our Event this week focussing on the Rolex Submariner, we thought we would highlight a few of the remarkable uses of this famous watch. Its position in the watch world is almost unmatched, as a timepiece that can serve as a tough dive watch under the most extreme conditions, and as a status […]

The History of Watches and Wonders

This week you may have seen a lot of publicity about new watch releases, especially from big watch world names like Rolex, Patek Philippe and Grand Seiko. It’s because the world’s most important watch fair is happening in Geneva this week. It’s called Watches & wonders and this Blog Post will tell you all about […]

Modern Watch Manufacturing

Our last Blog Post looked at the history of Watch Manufacturing, and we hope it piqued your interest in the long history of horology. There are many excellent books on the subject that we would be happy to recommend. The story of watch manufacturing in the Twentieth century is a fairly straightforward one of modernisation, […]

A Short History of How Watches are Made

The modern mechanical watch is a marvel of human progress. Whether it’s an expensive luxury watch with handmade parts or an affordable microbrand watch with a mass-market movement, both demonstrate the benefits of hundreds of years of innovation in technology and manufacturing processes. This week we will talk about how watchmaking has changed over the […]

Breitling Chronographs – a short History

Breitling are a company we keep returning to on the Blog Series because we really like the watches and there are so many stories to tell. At our event this week we are focussing on their long history of innovative chronographs. This Blog Post will run through some of their most interesting historical watches so […]

The watches of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland sadly passed away last week. We at The Watch Collectors’ Club offer our deepest condolences to her family and we want to add our deepest respect and admiration for her legacy and hard work over a lifetime of service. Her Majesty the […]

A Short History of Pilot’s Watches

Watches have been important since the earliest days of flight. When in the air, timing is crucial for navigation, and early experiments in balloons and airships showed that timing distances accurately while in the air would be crucial to getting to where you wanted to go. With the invention and rapid of aeroplanes in the […]

The History of Bremont – A British Success Story

At The Watch Collectors’ Club – we love to tell stories and host events. This blog  explores the story of one of the most successful British watch brands: Bremont. If you want to explore Bremont watches in person, we are holding an event in Birmingham on 22nd of September. It will be held at the Bremont store […]