What Is Watch Insurance and How Does It Work?

You might choose to buy watch insurance if you are worried about paying for any repairs that your watch needs if you accidentally damage it, or the cost of replacing it if its lost or stolen. This blog post aims to provide you with a simple guide to how it works. Firstly, a quick disclaimer: […]

Exploring Sustainability in the Watch Industry

This week we held an event with the team at Oris’ London boutique to explore their sustainability initiatives and talk about how Oris stood out from other watch companies. We think it’s a very interesting area of the watch world and this Blog Post will explore a bit more about what sustainability means for watch […]

The TAG Heuer Carrera Story

The Watch Collectors’ Club regularly hold events to look at specific watches from famous brands. This is to help our members explore the watch world in depth, and take advantage of the large and interesting range of watches retailers have, especially when it’s the anniversary of a particular watch. This year sees the 60th anniversary […]

An Introduction to Jump Hour Watches

Following the fantastic success of our recent event Exploring British Watch Design and our last Blog Post introducing watch design, we though it might be fun to dive into a popular but fairly unusual way to tell the time on a watch. The use of a jump hour, or displaying the hour using a rotating […]

An Introduction to Watch Design

Since we started The Watch Collectors’ Club we’ve found that the number one thing most people are interested in is the look and feel of their watch. Next comes the history heritage and status of the brands, and then comes the technology inside the case. While this may not surprise many, it means that our […]

Unusual Watch Functions

Here at The Watch Collectors’ Club, we want to help you explore the watch world, and one of the most fun things to look at is unusual watch functions, also known as complications. We all know that many modern mechanical watches have functions on top of telling the time, and enthusiasts enjoy the different designs […]

The History of Watches and Wonders

This week you may have seen a lot of publicity about new watch releases, especially from big watch world names like Rolex, Patek Philippe and Grand Seiko. It’s because the world’s most important watch fair is happening in Geneva this week. It’s called Watches & wonders and this Blog Post will tell you all about […]

The Different Finishes On Watch Movements

Many watch brands talk about the “finishing” of their watches, but what does that mean? Simply, it means the decoration applied to part of a watch. High horology brands talk a lot about their fine finishing, often applied to the case, hands, and movement. A previous blog explored the finishing that you can find on watch dials.  This […]

Modern Watch Manufacturing

Our last Blog Post looked at the history of Watch Manufacturing, and we hope it piqued your interest in the long history of horology. There are many excellent books on the subject that we would be happy to recommend. The story of watch manufacturing in the Twentieth century is a fairly straightforward one of modernisation, […]

Why does a watch need Shock Protection?

Today we assume all modern watches will be reliable and accurate during daily wear. Watchmakers have spent a long time working to achieve this, especially for the tiny mechanical movements that drive wristwatches. One of the key design problems watchmakers face is how to protect the movement from shocks, bangs and blows to the case, […]